Intensive Analyst Workshop for PR professionals:
How to guide clients, plan, and run an AR Program

September 22 1.30-4.30pm ET [Virtual]

$397 per person. Includes training, workbook, resource lists, and templates

Want your clients to have better results with industry analysts?

Do you know the difference between a briefing and an inquiry? How to advise clients around competitive reports, such as Waves and magic Quadrants? How to talk about the business impact of working with analyst groups? Can you name more than four relevant analyst firms that your client should be talking to?

This half-day intensive workshop will cover the main aspects of how to talk to client about analyst relations, and steps to develop, plan, and run an industry analyst relations (AR) program. It designed for B2B technology PR practitioners keen increase their clients' traction, understanding of, and results with industry analysts. We will also cover tactics to build collaborative relationships with these key influencers, with strategies to gain awareness and visibility in analyst reports, analyst commentaries, and how to get in front of analysts that steer prospects' buying decisions.

The workshop is run by Hazel Butters, who currently runs an AR program for a multi-million dollar software house and has worked with global software houses such as IBM, Oracle, Adobe, and Siemens for almost twenty years.

Hazel will share insights, ideas, worksheets, resources and practical methods to help clients to uncover, connect, inform, and work with industry analysts.

You will learn:

- Questions and conversations to have with your clients about industry analysts

- Setting metrics: the key elements of a successful analyst program

- Ways to uncover and engage with analysts relevant to your clients

- The different types of industry analysts (and how it's not all about the 'leading four')

- How to maximize visibility, positioning, and differentiate with relevant analysts- including how to handle submissions to competitive analyst reports - such as Gartner Magic Quadrants and Forrester Waves.

- Key elements of a successful AR program

- Resources for researching, tracking, and communicating with analysts

- Whether your clients should formally engage with analyst groups - and if so, how.

Who should attend this workshop?

  • PR professionals keen to guide conversations and strategy with high tech B2B clients

 $397 per person. Includes training, worksheets, resource lists, and templates